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Squalene-S, the Dogfish Shar Liver Oil

SQUALENE-S is made up of 99.99% pure Deep Sea Dogfish Shark liver oil extract that is immensely rich in hydrocarbon. 

SRP P950.00 (100 tablets/box)

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Glucosamine Hcl and Chondroitin Sulfate in One

GLUCOSATIN is the powerful combination of two natural supplements, Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help with Arthritis and joint pains. 

SRP P650.00 (100 tablets/box)

 Provimin Spirulina Vegetablet

PROVIMIN SPIRULINA, the microvegetable

 SPIRULINA (little spiral) is from a microscopic form of blue-green algae known as phytoplankton or vegetable plankton. It is rich in Protein, Vitamins and Minerals - PRO-VI-MIN.

SRP P500.00 (150 tablets/box)



  Provimin plus C

PROVIMIN PLUS C, superfood meets powerful C's

PROVIMIN Spirulina offers a new and improved provimin with Vitamin C from corn and marine Collagen.

SRP TBA (120 tablets/box)